I began my work with Whereis working on the Whereis Workshop website. This site was devoted to experimentation and prototyping in the computer geospatial domain. My task was to extend the existing J2EE based forum to allow cross site login and sign up. Also as part of the task was to add an administrative component to the site. The overall site was served on a Tomcat 5 instance and backed by an Oracle database.

After completing the Workshop projects, I moved into the main Whereis team to maintain and extend the Whereis.com website. The old site was based heavily on JSP with some client side behaviour added. The work involved JSP, Java, J2EE, Javascript and CSS work around tight release schedules.

I was asked to join the team for the Whereis.com re-write. The existing Whereis site would co-exist with a Beta site. The new site is heavily client side based to allow easier user interaction, such as map dragging. This was broken into two components, the Whereis site and the Enhanced Mapping Service (EMS) which would serve the maps to not only Whereis but various other internal and external clients.

I was given the responsibility of the being the Senior Developer on the Whereis side. This involved technology choices, framework development and setting standards in coding and unit testing. Server side, the Apache Click framework was chosen and on the client side Mootools. I extended the server side framework to minimize both the javascript and CSS (via Yahoo Compressor) to ensure as few HTTP requests and smaller file sizes. Several other features were added such as this, for performance reasons: gzipping and image sprites.

My work with the Whereis team moved to more the Enhanced Mapping Service and some of the administrative web applications required to maintain the site. Various features were added involving work with various SOAP services and using the Oracle spatial features for geospatial queries. I also headed up tutorials on best practices with coding and in particular, unit testing.