Sensis eCommerce

A project to create an ecommerce solution made of up of: shopping cart, shipping estimation and transaction handling components. Initially this was to be used for Sensis SiteSmart customers as an option that they could add online shopping capabilities to their website but also to create a general API for other Sensis teams to use.

The teams work was separated into two parts: extension of the existing CMS SiteSmart implementation to handle ecommerce type components and the building of the Java based standalone restful application for handling payments, shipping estimation, persisting of shopping carts and the pushing of new products, categories and images to the CMS instance.

My focus on this project was on the Java application side, focusing integrating with the SiteSmart CMS instance, setting up integration with the Australia Post API for shipping estimations and the storage of product images through Amazon S3 buckets. There was also work around setting up the Maven projects.