EMS - Version 2

Was asked back to Sensis to form part of the extended team working on the Disaster Recovery (DR) and re-platform of the Enhanced Mapping Service (EMS). My focus of the the rewrite was to work to move to Solr in place of the earlier version FAST search engine and later porting and fixing up the existing Javascript API.

Initially my work was in working to set up and query Solr for the purposes of geocoding addresses. This involved configuring, setting up the Solr schema, querying and ingesting of the address and business data. This work extended to setting up the JSON API application layer based on Resteasy and Jackson.

In the later part of the contract, I worked on cleaning up and porting the EMS Javascript API and providing usage and documentation for use as part of the new platform.

The development environment was using GIT as the source repository, Gradle is used for the build scripts and Jenkins is used as the continuous integration system.