Australia Post

Was temporarily placed into a consumer team working on Angular applications as a part of the consumer administration application. This gave me exposure to Grunt, Bamboo and Stash. There was also some minor work on an existing Spring Boot micro service.

Prior to the end of 2015 I was moved into a new team to work on projects for small and medium businesses. The work involve providing a micro service for handling barcode scans from mobile phones, initially iPhones. The micro service was built using Spring Boot and made use of Spring Security, Spring JMS and Spring Web Services for communicating with AusPost's underly web service infrastructure.

Further in the contract I built a second micro service to show the current package tracking information for use with the same mobile and later web applications. This was also a Spring Boot application and used Spring Data JPA and Spring Web Services. The application merged the results from the web service requests with information held in a MySQL database to give a user information on a package.