Musical reminiscing

25 Sep 2014

Many years ago, stuff was recorded. An odd bunch of guys got together and decided that a band should be formed. For some reason the name "Reggie Jackson and the Mysterious Odour" was chosen. Now it didn't go anywhere but it was fun and I just happened to stumble upon...

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A study into technological tardism

16 Jul 2014

At the Meerware Institute, we study various forms of localised human behaviour. Myself and Dr Chewbacca T Howlett, no relation, have seen a rise in a disease we have named "Technological Tardism" or "Tardism" for short.

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Facebook is Malware

28 Apr 2014

Facebook, masks itself as a product but I argue it is nothing more than malware which sets us on a path to handing over personal data as any other virus, trojan or malware piece of software does.

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Matt version 3.6 available for download

17 Nov 2013

Should you have stumbled upon this link thinking that there is actually some software called Matt available to download I fear you may be out of luck. This is simply a personal piece of writing which possibly only has meaning to myself and what I have endured for the past...

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Where is Matt?

3 Oct 2013

It is truly a ponderous question to ask, but one must fill in the gaps in case someone is trying to hunt me down. On August 7, 2013 I will be going in for surgery to hopefully fix some rather chronic and painfulĀ sinusitis.

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The barren waste lands of the modern dinosaur

9 Aug 2013

I stand upon a hill, a landscape stripped bare of all plant life, the ground covered with the remanants of some form of life. Hot, putrid air tortures my lungs and barely supplies me with any form of life giving oxygen.

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Modern technology and the decline of communication

29 Jul 2013

As humans our want to be social and to communicate is a part of us. The sharing of ideas has been with us since even before we were able to speak. I would even argue that this internal desire is the reason our species has done so well together.

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Change in method signature erasures in Java 7

9 Jul 2013

This is a small change to Java 7 which was highlighted when another developer started using the Java 7 JDK with some code which was compiling fine in Java 6. When I say "fine", I mean it compiled but Java 6 gave warnings.

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All the worlds problems ... there ... I fixed it

8 Jul 2013

As engineers, we are problem solvers. The best of us generalise the problem, simplify it and attempt to find the root cause of the problem. Fixing the root cause is the right solution, any other is simply duct tape.

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Performance tuning for mobiles

6 Jul 2013

After two and half days I am piecing together the frayed ends of my sanity, I feel like I have been mind raped by 100 horny baboons. This is the pleasant feeling you will be left with after you attempt to performance tune your website for mobiles.

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Choose your SilverStripe cache location carefully

1 Jul 2013

Let me begin today's lesson in the world of SilverStripe with an explanation of my usage. This site is currently hosted on a shared host, it is cheap, has all I need and I am not expecting a high volume of viewers at any one time. This suits my usage perfectly.

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What happens when javascript is turned off?

30 Jun 2013

Let me begin this thought by stating I am a pessimist. As stated in previous rambling, this is highly important if you an engineer, you need to think about all the horrible things that can go wrong and then come up with contigency plans.

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CDN Javascript with SilverStripe

25 Jun 2013

Using a CDN or Content Delivery Network is simple way to add a little performance boost to your website. There are various sources of many Javascript libraries out there on their high performance, dedicated, cookieless domain machines.

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The Engineering Manifesto

25 Jun 2013

As a software engineer, I have learnt quite a deal as a programmer but I look at software through the eyes of an engineer. Regardless of your field of engineering, there are some things common to all of us and here, I will now outline the "rules" of the game.

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Upgrading to SilverStripe 3.1 beta

22 Jun 2013

With a day of waiting on washing to finish spinning and some cat food to hunt down, to avoid the possibility of being eaten in my sleep by the hungry carnivore that roams my apartment, it seemed I had some spare time.

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