Writing software for humans and other animals

Whether I am writing the front end of a website or a JSON API in Java, one thing is always the case: while software runs on a computer, the end user is always a person (or perhaps some very clever chimp). With that in mind, it is the job of a software engineer to take something that could be complicated and make it clear, clean and simple.

I have watched the software world flourish but the simple principles of a computer has not changed since we communicated with them with punch cards: input goes in, the computer does some magic and output comes out. While the inputs, magic and output has changed as interfaces have developed and computing power has grown, a computer is useless without a person to drive it. So making it clear, clean and simple in interacting with it leads to a better experience and hopefully want to do it again.

who am I?

I am Matthew Howlett, software engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have been writing code since I was 11 years old, way back when I was using an Apple II, getting my first case of RSI cutting BASIC and 6502 assembler. Now I am all grown up, gained a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Melbourne, have bills and a giant cat to feed (failing to supply food to this monster will ensure I am eaten in my sleep). But I am lucky, I have been able to turn my passion of programming into a career.

what do I do?

What I do tends to be a mixture of different programming. The meat and bones of my work are well roasted middle tier and web applications in Java. I add a vegetables and gravy of PHP freelance web development work. There is a garnish of Ruby on the side. And for dessert I add an exceptionally tasty and well presented Javascript, CSS and HTML to leave you full and satisfied.

so come say hello

Feel free to read over my work, read some of my thoughts on technical topics and if you have any questions, comments, corrections or the want to buy me a coffee (I never say no to a free coffee), please get in contact with me.